How to Organize a Paint Job

Helpful Hints & Tips on How to Organize a Paint Job

  • Use an individual painting contractor as a general contractor is set up for larger work.
  • Start early and schedule your job in advance. If you have remodeling to do, this should be done before the painter gets there. The painter’s time is what you are paying for. Setting up and cleaning up take time so have the job done all at one time.
  • Paint color samples, fabric samples and magazine pictures help the painter get the idea of what you are working to achieve. Narrowing down the choices will help in the final color selection. What you see on the color sample may look different when a large amount is on the wall. The painter should give you a large sample on-the-wall of what you have chosen. There are many different kinds of sheen from flat to high gloss. As some imperfections may not be removable, please remember that the flatter the sheen the less noticeable any imperfection will be.
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