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Joy Monkarsh, Client (310) 275-7326

Hi Bill,

I just wanted to say thank you again for the great job you and your crew did painting our home. The place looks great!

The work was very thorough and performed at a high skill level. You were very easy to work with, and very accommodating. I also appreciated your attention to detail, addressing some things I hadn’t considered (e.g. painting the gate and the chimney top).

I also think what I got for my money was piece of mind. You and your crew were very reliable—showing up on time, masking up, and finishing the job to completeness. I called the Benjamin Moore store and told them it was the best business reference I ever got.

I will contact you again for any future painting projects.

Thanks again,

P.S. I ordered a new kick plate for the front door, and it makes a huge difference coexisting with the new painting.


“If you want someone to paint it for you, I highly recommend The Pink Painter. He has an eye and sensitivity for what colors will work best for you, plus he’s just a really goos and cool guy.”

—Christine S. from South Pasadena.

I had three other painters before Bill and I wasn’t happy with any of them. Bill’s work quality is outstanding. I am not good with colors and Bill was more than happy to make suggestions. With Bill’s lead guy, Carlos, you would have thought this was his own house! They started by washing the walls. Then they patched the defects in the walls and trim. They then sanded everything, and primed. Then they checked the patches and fills, sanded again and primed again. Then they did at least two coats of paint. On the wood trim, you cannot see a single brush stroke. They even washed the switch plates! They also masked off the room they were working in so the dust didn’t get in the other rooms. I am thrilled to death with them! Their price is very fair. Bill or his other supervisor, Dave, were there every day even though their lead guy is a perfectionist. They were in constant communication with me. They started when they said they would and kept the crew on until the job was done. It is rare today to find somebody like Bill who really takes pride in what he does!”
—Bob Edlefsen, Sherman Oaks

“Hiring The Pink Painter is more an experience than a service. It’s more than just a paint job. Bill notices everything. He has amazing eyes. I first used The Pink Painter for my home office. They did a special treatment on the walls and did a perfect job. The color is subtle, luscious and beautiful. I love it every day. Then they did several rooms in our house. Bill is a wonderfully enthusiastic, caring, professional. He is in relentless pursuit f the color or the finish that will best please the client. He is also full of joy, a character in the best sense of the word, a life force. His wife, Debbie, who works in the office is lovely, helpful, efficient and kind. Bill’s crew has been with him a long time. They are all trustworthy and highly skilled. They have a “can do” spirit and are accommodating and upbeat. They think of things that need doing that you haven’t thought of –for example the screens on our speakers had been painted badly in the past and weren’t doing their job. Bill took days having them cleaned and redone correctly! They are punctual to the minute! And clean – they left our bedroom in better shape than they found it: tidied and vacuumed. They were such a joy to have in the house. I actually looked forward to having them there. I don’t plan to ever hire anyone else.”
—Anne M., Santa Monica

“Bill. Thanks for doing everything so well. Let me know if you want references for your future clients.”
—Stan Lashman

“Dear Bill and Debbie:

Thank heavens for The Pink Painter! From the moment I called to ask for an estimate to the moment I waved goodbye to Bill after the job was completed, dealing with The Pink Painter was a refreshing joy.

I received a fair estimate the same day. You worked with me to schedule the project around my needs. My phone calls were always returned promptly and cheerfully. Insurance certifications were provided promptly when requested. And once the job began, my sense that I had found the best painters in southern California were confirmed.

The crew was careful and efficient and they showed up on time every single day. They have a pretty good sense of humor too! The work was top-notch. My place looks fantastic. The most amazing thing to me is the extraordinary care that was taken to move and protect my belongings before each work day and the thoughtful way the important things were put back every day so I could live here during the project. Plus great suggestions from Bill for the look of the project! Best regards to everyone there.”



“Thank you so very much for everything. My home looks so wonderful. I am very happy with all of the work you did here. It was a pleasure working with you and I thank you for making everything so easy for me. Best Always”
—Stacey Cavin

Everyone loves my house! It is truly beautiful. Thank you all so much!”

M.N. Tujunga, CA.

“Amazing job, clean, prompt, amazing service.”

—Brian C. from Hancock Park

“Bill Suplee and his crew at The Pink Painter have been painting for me for about 25 years. Bill is the nicest, most honest, and kind guy. I leave them alone in my house, they are so trustworthy. They do what they say they are going to do. They show up on time. Bill really tries to satisfy you. I would recommend them to anyone. I don’t look around for competing bids anymore. When you are lucky enough to find someone like this, with whom you are comfortable in your home, you stick with them. If he is busy, I wait for him!
—Joy M., Los Angeles

“Their work is meticulous and very professional and the highest quality – the color matching is fantastic, they have done special effects for us (they painted clouds on my daughter’s walls to match wallpaper that we put on the ceiling), they have custom-mixed wood stains that are beautiful. Bill has made great suggestions for color selection and other effects. They go the extra mile to make everything right, and think of things I never considered – they paint the light fixture casings to match the ceiling, they take the cabinet doors off to remove the hinges before painting, and polish the hinges before replacing them, they seal every crack. Everything is cleaned up beautifully – when they are done, you don’t know they have been there. There are no drips of paint, when they paint window frames there is nothing on the glass – again, very meticulous. Bill gives a very fair price, he is always on budget and they are always on time.

Bill and Debbie always give the absolute best customer service. Their workers are dependable, polite, flexible and communicative. Our kids loved them, our housekeeper loved them, our dog loved them. The guys go the extra mile to make sure we are satisfied, and were very, very patient as I asked them to put up several color samples before I decided.”

—Linda Baum, Sherman Oaks

“I had a new house when Bill was done with it! They spent incredible time on details. I’ve had many painters at my place, but their job was by far the most professional. And their price points were very good! After I talked to Bill I realized he had the eye of an artist. He mixed custom colors that made it so the house flows together. He took two basic colors, a cardinal red and an off-white and he mixed it in different concentrations for different rooms. He made samples and we went through the house deciding which hue worked best for which room. My daughter’s room is pinkish, and the hall is similar, but lighter, and the dining room is not quite pink at all. His workers are very clean, quiet and polite. They always have a smile on their faces. They were very helpful. I was having some cabinets refaced and I wanted some hardware that matched the colors. They went out and found it for me and barely charged me for it. After they had gone I realized how much work went into the job. The doors had been perfectly sanded. One worker was there just to make sure there wasn’t one crack unfilled. They were on time every day. They didn’t go over the estimate on time or on budget. I can’t imagine hiring another painting company again. They are such nice people!”
—Kristin and Mark Lieberman, San Marino

“As a professional Interior Designer and color consultant, it is imperative that my painting contractor understand the criteria of both myself and the clients. Bill and his crew are always on time, on budget, and willing to collaborate and experiment with me onsite to create exactly the colors needed for the project. His painters are excellent in faux finishing. Over the many years of our association, together we have created many exciting color combinations and custom finishes for my clients. Another aspect of importance to me is neatness and consideration of clients while on site. At the finish of each day his crew cleans up, vacuums, and puts everything away. You would never know they are working there on a daily basis, which is a significant selling point to my clients. I look forward to the beginning of each project when The Pink Painter is part of the team. He and his painters are a joy and fun to work with!”
—D. C.

“Thank you so much [for] the great job! I am so glad you were able to do it on such short notice. The guys did unbelievable with what they had to work with! Please bring business cards so I can recommend you to everyone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”
—Chrissy Lingua

“Thank you for the wonderful job your crew did on our family room, kitchen, stairway and downstairs bathroom. Denise and I come home every night and enjoy not only these rooms but the rest of the downstairs that you did last year. We are the envy of the neighborhood. Thanks again.
—Dave and Denise

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